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Water damage in homes can be a huge nuisance. Whether it’s a burst pipe or severe flooding, water damage can ruin your home’s foundation and lower its integrity.  

The water may also spread quickly, weakening the architectural structure of your home and causing significant damage within a few hours. 

In order to track water damage accurately, you must first be able to locate its source. Even if water damage has not been detected yet, it’s important that you find water leaks as soon as possible, so you can stop further water from entering your home and causing structural damage.

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However, most homeowners aren’t aware of the right steps to take in these circumstances, and they end up overlooking the impact water can have on their abodes. That’s where we come in and solve all your water damage Fairfax problems. 

We have been fixing water damage Fairfax VA for long enough to know the ins and outs of the process. From offering quick services to ensuring long-term protection of your home, we do it all. 

Give us a call today to learn more about our flood recovery, odor removal, water damage, and mold remediation services.

The Most Reliable Water Damage Restoration Fairfax VA Solutions

We proudly offer you the best water damage Fairfax VA solutions. Since we put customer satisfaction above everything else, we ensure that you will be 100% happy with our services. 

No matter how small or big your water damage emergency is, we can handle it! Our team has vast experience in dealing with any water damage scenario. We know what to do next when you have experienced flooding or water leakage because of a burst pipe.

In our many years of experience, we have learned one important thing; if you do not deal with water leakages or related problems instantly, they end up getting bigger and cost you more in the long run. 

That’s why you should give us a call for your water damage Fairfax solutions, and we will be at your service in no time.

Our Process

Over the years, we have perfected our innovative process of dealing with water damage in residential spaces. So, when we tell you we know what we’re doing, we mean it. 

Our process begins when you consult the water damage problem with us. Following that, we will figure out the water source and then conduct a water removal process. The water is removed either by using a water extraction machine or using our water damage mitigation equipment which boasts of being able to dry up the water in an extremely short time. 

Once the water is removed, we will sanitize your premises so that any contaminants are eradicated. After that, we start the drying process, which will ensure that once the water has been eliminated, there will be absolutely no moisture which can lead to further damage.

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At this point, if you have hired us for flood restoration services, we would then proceed with fixing all the damaged areas. In case you want to install new furniture pieces or carpeting, we will recommend the right amount of time to wait before you do that. 

Here are the steps included in our water damage restoration Fairfax VA process:

  • Drying all areas in your home properly
  • Ensuring immediate repairs of any material or structures damaged due to excessive water in the premises 
  • Removal of unsalvageable carpets and rugs 
  • Dehumidifying the area to prevent mold growth
water damage fairfax va

Water damage

Water Damage is one of the leading reasons for foundation problems in homes. That’s why it’s important to fix water damage problems as soon as you notice them. 

Here are some reasons for water damage in your home: 

  • Water damage from a water leak
  • Burst water pipes or water heater
  • Flooding in your basement, crawl space, or garage. 

If any one of the above happened to a wall in your home, you would need some help with fixing it due to mold. Mold can start growing on the walls when there is water damage present, and you do not fix it fast enough.

Once mold starts growing, it’ll be harder for you to get rid of it. Water damage in homes is treatable, but if left untreated, then it’ll lead to bigger issues like foundation problems that can bring down the entire structure of your home. 

Some people are unaware of the water leaks that can cause damage to the walls. If water is allowed to settle at one point in an area, it can cause excessive damage.

If you see water dripping from your water pipes, toilet, or shower, then it’s time for repair work. If the leak was from something like a pipe, then you may only require some wrenching or re-piping. 

However, if water is coming out of your showerhead, this could be due to grout deterioration or cracked tiles. In such cases, you need to get in touch with us for our water damage restoration Fairfax VA services. 

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation refers to the removal of mold from a structure or waterlogged materials such as carpeting and upholstery. 

This process typically begins with water extraction to remove excess water from the impacted items, which might otherwise provide additional food for mold spores.

Following water removal, our mold remediation technicians will often use HEPA vacuums to collect any remaining water droplets, followed by air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels in the affected area. 

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After these steps have been completed, mold remediation can include employing chemical biocides or fungicides and/or other techniques such as ozone gas treatment, UV irradiation, or thermal remediation (heat treatments). 

If mold finds its way into your home, that’s bad news. On the one hand, it can make you sick if you inhale mold spores. On the other hand, it can weaken your home’s structure and pave the way for more mold growth. 

Therefore, you should avail our water damage restoration Fairfax VA services as soon as you notice signs of mold growth in your home following a water-related accident. Sometimes, mold spores are too small to be seen, but you may smell them. 

If you suspect mold is lurking in your home, give us a call today.

Flood Recovery

Flooding can leave a home prone to water damage. This water can seep through walls and floors and collect in basements and crawl spaces. 

It is important to immediately begin water removal after water damage has been discovered; otherwise, mold growth may occur, which is an expensive undertaking. Here are some signs that you need to get water damage Fairfax VA services after flooding: 

  • Water stains on the walls and ceilings
  • Bucked wooden flooring 
  • Mold odor
  • Moldy baseboards 
  • Water puddles that refuse to budge 
  • Bubbling or softening of the drywall 
  • Water bill going higher

The sooner you get water damage services, the better it will be for your home since water damage is the most critical water-related issue. 

Water damage restoration services should be carried out as soon as the water gets into your home because a failure to do so can lead to disastrous consequences. Our experts will not only remove water and fix broken water pipes but also take care of the damage caused by water.

Call us today to learn more about our water damage restoration Fairfax VA solutions.

water damage restoration fairfax va

Water Overflow

Water overflow in your home can be due to many reasons. However, whatever the cause may be, you need to make sure you’re getting water damage restoration services as soon as possible. 

Here are some common reasons you might be experiencing water overflow: 

  • Leakage in the septic tank 
  • Plumbing system leaks 
  • Clogged downspouts and gutters
  • Malfunctioning air conditioners 
  • Harsh weather conditions 
  • Faulty or old appliances
  • Burst pipes 
  • Flooding

Another common cause is a malfunction in the float valve. The float valve usually contains two main parts: the ball float (which floats on top of the water) and a rod (usually made of plastic or metal), which is extended into the water to control how much water can enter an overflow pipe.

If it’s not functioning properly, too much water may enter the overflow pipe, leading to problems. 

In such cases, it’s not easy to control water damage unless you know the source. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unable to do so. If you’re going through the same thing, there’s no need to worry. 

Give us a call, and we’ll provide you our water damage Fairfax VA services to make sure the damage doesn’t spread.

Odor Removal Service

Removing water from a premise is not our only concern. We also offer odor removal services since damp surfaces tend to have a musty odor that can be traced back to water in your home. 

After cleaning up water from inside your home, we provide deodorization services, so the smell doesn’t linger in the air. 

Dehumidifiers are sometimes used for water extraction processes since they pull water out of the air and can be left on 24/7 if needed. They also help in removing nasty odors from the air, making your home feel fresh. 

We only use biocides that are safe around children and pets when treating water-damaged areas for bacterial growth. Our microbial tools include antimicrobial foggers that kill bacteria on contact without harming humans or pets. If you have water damage, we recommend letting our professionals handle it. 

Since we offer economical prices, we’re a much better option as compared to some other water damage Fairfax VA services that charge sky-high rates. You can always schedule a consultation to discuss the extent of water damage in your home in detail and get a quote for our services. 

Get in touch with us today to get more information about our water damage restoration Fairfax VA services and solutions.

burst pipes

Burst pipes can be a huge problem in homes since water can cause damage to your personal property and mold that could put you and your family at risk for serious illnesses. 

When water hits your floorboards, it breaks down the wood fibers, which allows it to seep into the ground below. Once this occurs, water is able to get deep under the house, causing mold and mildew growth on all of its walls.

The water overflow process, once started, is very hard to stop unless someone is physically present in the home when first noticing water staining or a water leak around a pipe.

That’s why burst pipes tend to create a lot of mess and cause substantial damage to your possessions, property, and the home’s foundation.

Here are some signs of a burst pipe in your home: 

  • Mold growth 
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Smelly water with discoloration – some homeowners say the water smells like rotten eggs 
  • Puddle formation underneath the sinks 
  • Watermarks on the walls 
  • High water bills 

If you notice any of these symptoms and you suspect there’s a burst pipe in your home, get in touch with us for water damage restoration Fairfax VA before the damage gets any bigger, and you have to pay double or triple the amount.

water damage restoration fairfax va
water damage restoration fairfax va

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do immediately after water damage?

If you notice water damage in your home, you should immediately turn off the water supply. Secondly, make sure your kids and pets are out of harm’s way. If there’s too much water in the home, it’s best to get somewhere safe and dry. 

Then, call us for water damage Fairfax VA repair services, and we’ll take charge of the rest. 

How long does it take you to restore water damage? 

That depends on the extent of the damage and the source of water. 

For instance, in cases of flooding, the restoration process takes longer since water has to be drained, furniture has to be moved, and we also have to deodorize the place. On the other hand, a leak can be repaired much sooner. 

Is water damage restoration expensive? 

In some cases, it could be expensive. But, it’s still a better option than having to spend thousands of dollars on renovations or foundation repair later. So, make sure you get water damage restoration Fairfax VA services from us promptly so that future repairs don’t break your bank.