Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be a huge problem in homes since water can cause damage to your personal property and mold that could put you and your family at risk for serious illnesses. 

When water hits your floorboards, it breaks down the wood fibers, which allows it to seep into the ground below. Once this occurs, water is able to get deep under the house, causing mold and mildew growth on all of its walls.

The water overflow process, once started, is very hard to stop unless someone is physically present in the home when first noticing water staining or a water leak around a pipe.

That’s why burst pipes tend to create a lot of mess and cause substantial damage to your possessions, property, and the home’s foundation. 

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Here are some signs of a burst pipe in your home: 

  • Mold growth 
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Smelly water with discoloration – some homeowners say the water smells like rotten eggs 
  • Puddle formation underneath the sinks 
  • Watermarks on the walls 
  • High water bills 

If you notice any of these symptoms and you suspect there’s a burst pipe in your home, get in touch with us for water damage restoration Fairfax VA before the damage gets any bigger, and you have to pay double or triple the amount.